Jewellery Designers, Gemologists and Goldsmiths

Custom Jewellery Design

Our jewellery designers will be happy to help you custom design a unique piece of jewellery. Call our jewellery store today to book a complimentary design consultation.

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custom wedding band design

On-site Jewellery Appraisals

Why send your jewellery away to be appraised? Conger’s Jewellers offers on-site jewellery appraisals. Call us for an appointment today!

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Jewellery Appraisal in Ottawa

Jewellery Repair

We offer expert jewellery repairs such as ring sizing, chain repair, re-tipping, setting of diamonds and much more. Free estimates at our jewellery store.

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Jewellery Repair & Restoration

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Design Your Dream Ring!

Treat yourself to a unique custom design & stand out with a Conger’s Dream Ring.

Custom Jewellery Design

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Custom Design Engagement Rings

We pride ourselves on our custom design work. It’s a pleasure to be able to develop a unique engagement ring for any customer. Please consider giving your special someone a custom diamond ring from Conger’s Jewellers. We offer a Lifetime Warranty on all our Custom Made Jewellery. Custom Made Diamond Engagement Rings

Ask Our Designer

If you have any questions about designing a new piece of jewellery, Valerie would be happy to answer them.

Email Our Jewellery Designer

Call: 613-722-4547

Redesign Your Jewellery

Redesign your jewellery using your gemstones and gold. Visit with our jewellery designer, for great ideas to make your jewellery fun to wear again.

Jewellery Redesign with Conger's Jewellers

Redesign Your Jewellery