The Process is Easy

At Conger’s you can design your own jewellery or let us guide you along the way. We will make a few detailed sketches to help communicate our thoughts and ideas. Once you choose a jewellery design from the sketches, we will hand carve a 3-D wax model so you can see things in actual size and make changes if necessary. This ensures you will be happy with your custom jewellery.
There is no cost for a design consultation.

Would You Like to Redesign Your Jewellery?

Do you have jewellery that you love but never wear? Perhaps you have inherited a piece which is sitting at home right now. We can redesign it into the heirloom of the future. Come in today for a free consultation and discussion about the possibilities.

Speak to Valerie to get started

If you are looking for some ideas, our designer Valerie would be happy to sketch a few for you. Please call her for an appointment, and then come into the store with the jewellery you want to restyle. There is no cost for a design consultation.

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Lifetime Warranty

We provide our lifetime warranty on all custom jewellery designed by Conger’s Jewellers. This covers any defects in material or craftsmanship. All we ask is that you stop by annually to let us inspect the piece. Should an item fail due to a defect in its construction or metal, we will repair it or replace it at no charge. Our guarantee does not cover excessive wear, abuse or loss.

Let’s Meet At Our Store

  • Meet with us to discuss design ideas for a new or remodeled item of custom jewellery
  • We will sketch a few designs for your consideration
  • A design is chosen and made into a 3-D Model for you to examine and approve
  • At this point, your new unique piece of jewellery is ready to finish

Some Of Our Jewellery Designs

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