Completely Natural Canadian Diamonds

Canadian Diamonds

A natural Canadian diamond with proof of origin is a perfect way to complete the design of your engagement ring.

We love Canadian diamonds because of their higher quality and natural beauty. We particularly like CanadaMark diamonds because they are 100% natural and untreated. When you see the CanadaMark logo inscribed on a diamond, you can be sure that it is completely natural, and free of treatments that are sometimes used to enhance the appearance of other diamonds.

As a Canadian company, Conger’s Jewellers is proud to offer our customers diamonds mined in Canada. We use them in our diamond rings and custom jewellery designs.

Our Observations

  • Whiter than most Lab Created diamonds (lab created gems often have a darker grey tint in halogen lighting).
  • Canadian diamonds have a sharper appearance and brilliancy than any Moissanite gemstone.
  • They rarely exhibit any fluorescence.

Guaranteed Canadian Diamonds

Every CanadaMark Canadian diamond includes a Certificate of Origin and independent grading certificate. CanadaMark diamonds are assigned a unique identification number at the diamond mine. This number is laser inscribed on the diamond as proof of origin. Many other brands of Canadian diamonds are less strict in terms of tracking, creating concern about their origin.