Completely Natural Canadian Diamonds

Sorting Canadian Diamonds

We love Canadian diamonds because of their natural beauty. We particularly like CanadaMark diamonds because they are 100% natural and untreated. When you see the CanadaMark logo inscribed on a diamond, you can be sure that it is completely natural, and free of treatments that are sometimes used to enhance the appearance of other diamonds.

As a Canadian company, Conger’s Jewellers is proud to offer our customers diamonds which were mined in Canada. We often use them in our diamond rings and custom jewellery designs.

Supporting Canadian Values

Canada is the third largest supplier of diamonds in the world. Canada follows the Kimberley Process and has taken a strong leadership role in the diamond industry ensuring our diamonds are produced with strict adherence to ethical and environmental guidelines and fair labour practices.

Guaranteed Canadian

Every Canadian diamond we sell comes with a Certificate of Origin and Grading Certificate. Canadian diamonds are assigned a unique identification number at the mine. This is laser inscribed on the girdle edge for identification.

CanadaMark logo

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