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Custom Infinity Ring With Birthstones

I was so please to be asked to make this infinity symbol ring. My client wanted a ladies infinity ring using two types of birthstones, representing both partners. One gemstone was ruby (July) and the other was aquamarine (March). Unlike so many infinity rings, which are made very thin and are too frail for long term wear, I was offered the opportunity to create it so it would last. The top was large enough to cover the top of the finger and there was no hollowing out of the gold to save a few pennies. This ring was for a special birthday.

I began with a design sketch and decided that the two gemstones should each take up half of the top. Then, I created a CAD design and printed a model with a 3D printer . The computer design always looks a bit coarse, but thankfully my customer was able to understand that once the ring was sanded, set and polished, we would have a finer look and finish.

The Finished Ring

The result was stunning! My client was very happy. Please let us know what you think of this design (below). Come see us if you want us to design  a piece for you.

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