The Design Process

  • We discuss design ideas and pricing.
  • Then, we will show you a few jewellery designs to consider.
  • You choose a design and we then make a 3-D model for you to see and try on.
  • With your approval, your new piece of jewellery is ready to cast and finish.

Jewellery Redesign

Do you have jewellery you never wear? Perhaps you inherited a piece but it isn’t your style. Maybe you have jewellery from a previous relationship and would like to change it. We can redesign your old jewellery to suit your taste. Come see us today for a free consultation.

Remodeling & Jewellery Redesign

Lifetime Warranty

We offer a lifetime warranty on our craftsmanship with every piece we custom design.

All we ask is that you visit our store annually so we can inspect your jewellery. Our guarantee does not cover wear & tear, abuse or loss.

Free Consultation

Explore the possibilities of jewellery design with us. We are happy to discuss ideas with you. There is no cost for a consultation.

We hope this small sample of our work gives you some inspiration to see us about designing your next item of jewellery. You may schedule a free consultation with us by calling or using the link below. If you have any questions, fell free to drop by our showroom at the Hampton Park Plaza on Carling Avenue in Ottawa.