Custom Jewellery Planning and Timeline

Careful planning and communication is important to the success of our design work. We meet with you at our Ottawa jewellery store a 2-3 times while creating your custom piece of jewellery. You will be personally involved as we create the piece that is uniquely yours. We listen carefully and if needed, provided expert advise along the way.

Here are the major the steps involved in creating your piece of jewellery:


Together, we will discuss the design, materials and the gemstones that you are most interested in. We discuss how we can best work within your budget to find the design that you are seeking. Often people will look at our portfolio of past design work or bring in their favorite inspirational pictures to discuss with us.

Sketch Review

On your second visit to our store, we will have finished sketches for you to take a look at. If needed, we may also have a selection of loose gemstones to review.
Whether they are Canadian Diamonds or coloured stones we will explain the special characteristics of each one. Then, as you examine those precious stones, we can discuss any changes you may seek in the design. We will specific details such as how high a stone is set or how wide your ring will to be. If you choose a stone at this time, we will ask for a deposit.

Wax Review

One or two weeks later, a wax model will be ready for your viewing. This model will be hand carved or created by a 3-D mill depending on the the specific design. The wax model will be an exact replica of your finished piece of jewellery in terms of shape and size. This gives you the final opportunity to change or adjust your design. Once you have approved the model, we move to production of your unique piece of jewellery.


Casting, finishing and stone setting plus any special finishes like engraving happen at this stage.


We call you as soon as it is ready! You meet one more time with us and so we can deliver your boxed new jewellery creation!

A typical custom designed engagement ring or wedding band takes between 3 and 6 weeks.

Will Conger’s Do Rush Jobs?

We can sometimes expedite a custom design job, but we ask that you consult with us ahead of time so we can check the status of our wait list. Conger’s will never compromise the quality of your piece in order to finish it too quickly. We would rather pass on some business than have it turn out poorly. During the Christmas season, it can more difficult to expedite a job. We suggest you speak to us prior to the end of the first week in December.