Congers Sapphire Diamond Slider Pendant Design

Designing a Sapphire & Diamond Pendant

Recently, we were asked to design a sapphire and diamond pendant. This type of pendant is called a “slider” because it slides along the chain which appears to be running through the pendant rather than above it.

The first thing we did was choose  the gemstones which had to be a sapphire and a diamond. It is very difficult to imagine a design without the stones in hand. We wanted to find a sapphire with great colour,  over 2 carats.

We ordered 6 to 8 sapphires from a well know gem dealer in Canada. They were all beautiful, but 2 of them stood out. You should know that a fine sapphire is much more scarce than a fine quality 1.00ct diamond is. Because of increased demand from Asia, fine gemstones are becoming more rare every day. The sapphire the client chose was spectacular, and rare!

The chosen blue sapphire was a 2.30ct radiant cut, and eye clean. The addition of a 0.70ct diamond was from our Estate Jewellery case. This saved the client a lot of money because diamond was pre-owned and was selling for half the cost of a new diamond. The client was very happy with the stones and the pricing.

Designing The Pendant

I spent some time on my computer and came up with this design. We all really liked it, so we went about creating it in white gold.

The End Result

As you can see, the chain runs through the side of the diamond setting. We created two links between the stones so they would move freely.

If you would like us to design something for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us. There is no charge for the consultation and we would be happy to share ideas with you. Cheers!

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