Custom Mens Diamond Rings

Designing Mens Diamond Rings

My client came to me to have his late mother’s diamond wedding ring appraised. Afterwards, he told me he would like to make a new ring for himself and incorporate the main diamond from his mother’s ring as a focal point. If we were able to create the right design, he said that he would also like to make a matching ring for his partner. A comparable diamond would be purchased to make the second ring.

I was very happy to be asked to design a man’s diamond ring. Jewellers are not designing for men these days. I think men are turned off by the old fashion, dated ring designs that often look like their father’s ring style. Have a look in any jewellery store today and you will have a hard time finding a good looking ring for a man.

This was my opportunity to make nicely tailored ring that would make a good impression.

Design Challenge

There is a design challenge in making mens rings. I believe they should feel good for everyday wear, but also be impressive in a business situation. Nothing over the top though. A successful design is both casual, dressy and well tailored.

Getting the Shape Right

I sat down at my computer and created a few shape outlines. The first few ideas were okay but something wasn’t right. I pressed on and redesigned things until I was ready to show a few to my customer. It was time for collaboration. I sent some of the designs by email and then we met to discuss the better ideas. He picked a favorite and with a few small modifications, we had the final ring design.

Check out some of the other ideas below.

Mens Diamond Ring Congers 1
Rounding the top sides
Changing the shape to square
Starting to shape the ring
Playing with diamond placement

You Get The Idea

After a few more design experiments and the input from my client, I came up with the final design. I removed the bezel setting for the main diamond and cut the ring open to channel set the stone. Suddenly, the ring had the style and character I was looking for.

The Final Product in 18K White Gold

Custom Mens Diamond Rings Congers Jewellers Ottawa
A pair of mens 18K white gold diamond rings by David Conger, Conger's Jewellers.

Craftsmanship & Service

I give my customers the best I can do. I promise a quality product and a design service that I believe is not offered anywhere else.

If you would like to speak with me about jewellery design, please feel free to use the contact link and email me directly. I answer all emails.

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