Diamond Ring Redesign Jewellery Remodel

Diamond Ring Redesign

We are often asked to take a set of wedding rings and remodel them into a design that does not have a typical bridal look. For some, this means that they would like a pendant or earrings but many would like a new ring they can wear on their right hand.

Every client we work with comes in and we sit down to discuss their likes and dislikes. Do they prefer wide or dainty? How about an asymmetrical design? Yellow gold? Every client is different.

We take what we learn from the discussion and sketch up several ideas to allow our clients a choice. This is how a design like this is created. It’s unique to the customer.

Make an appointment to discuss your jewellery redesign project. The consultation and sketches are free. Estimates are based on the amount of gold you have for trade-in and the materials we supply.

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