Jewellery Redesign

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Do you have jewellery you would like to redesign? Please visit our jewellery store and we will demonstrate our creative talent to redesign your jewellery into a new and exciting style. It all starts with a discussion around your taste in jewellery. We use pieces in our showcase and show you our design portfolio to get your feedback. This helps us create a new design that we think will appeal to you. We often show you a minimum of 4 to 6 redesign possibilities so you can choose a favorite.

Creating New Pieces From Your Jewellery

Here, we were asked to design a necklace using the customer’s diamond earrings. We used the entire settings in our design (less the earring backs). A Canadian diamond was added to complete the necklace.

Necklace Redesign Model Check
Redesigning Customer's Earrings Into A New Necklace
Custom Diamond Necklace Redesign
Custom Diamond Necklace Redesign

About Redesign

During your visit with us, we chat with you about the style of jewellery you like. Some people like larger jewellery and some like fine and dainty. We try to learn as much as we can so we can design a piece you will really like. We discuss the cost with you (it depends on the complexity of the work and the credit we can give you for your gold). If you would like to continue, we take an inventory of your pieces during our meeting. A week later, we call you back and show you a few design sketches. If one really appeals to you, we finish the piece and call you as soon as it is ready.

Diamond Ring Redesign
Diamond Ring Redesign

Your new piece of jewellery will include our lifetime warranty and a full gemological appraisal for insurance purposes. 

Jewellery redesign saves money using your gold and gemstones.

  • Give your jewellery an exciting new look!
  • Keep the sentiment but change the style! This is excellent for inherited jewellery or items in the box that look worn.
  • Use your valuable jewellery to make an exciting new piece. This saves money!

There is no charge for a redesign consultation.

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