Custom Diamond Ring - Trinity Design

Making a Custom Diamond Trinity Ring

Trinity rings are rings with 3 stones. In this case, we made one with diamonds. Our customer asked us to make this ring because she wanted to replace one that was lost. It meant a lot to her to try to make it again but she did not have any photographs so we went by the description she gave. After one or two modifications to drawings and wax models, she thought it was time to make the ring.

The Wax Model

Wax Model of Custom Trinity Ring with Three DiamondsSide View of the Wax - Custom Diamond trinity Ring

After the wax was made, we toned down the thickness of the back of the ring to make it less chunky. The wax had to be cut into two pieces in order to cast the ring in yellow and white gold. When our customer saw the ring she was very happy.

Finished Custom Diamond Trinity Ring - Buckle Design

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  1. Thank you David and staff for helping me to recreate my ring. It blew me away that from my terrible descriptive ability you were able to pull off an almost exact replica. I am extremely happy!!
    When sentimental items are lost it is an emotional process and David and his staff were wonderful to deal with. Returning phone calls promptly and certainly offering very high quality customer service and beautiful finished products.
    Thanks again for an amazing experience.

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