Diamond Pendant Redesign

Redesigning a Diamond Pendant

We were asked to redesign the diamond pendant below. It was in yellow gold but the customer wanted it in white gold. She wanted something done to enhance the size and presence of the pendant. The pendant was small but it had real value, due to 4 princess cut diamonds. 

Jewellery Redesign - Diamond Pendant
The Original Diamond Pendant

Enhancing The Design

I really liked the way the 4 diamonds were set and thought that it would be nice to keep the design and add something to enhance it. Playing around with my design software, I came up with two ideas. One used a round frame around the pendant and the other had a diamond shape frame. The round one would use more diamonds, which would also be a bit more expensive. It’s nice to offer different designs options which accomplish the same effect of enhancing the design.

Round Shape Diamond Pendant Redesign
Pendant With Round Diamond Enhancer
Diamond Shape Pendant Redesign
Pendant With Diamond Shape Enhancer

I decided that remaking the small diamond setting with the 4 diamonds just to get a white colour was expensive and unecessary, so I rhodium plated it to make it white (of course I told the customer and received her blessings). Pendants are not subjected to the same contact with surfaces that rings and bracelets are, so plating lasts a lifetime. The new outer frame was made in 14K white gold. I changed the shape of the baille at the top because the old one was worn and thin, and I wanted to create a clean, modern design.

Our customer chose the diamond shape pendant design on the right. When we were making it, we decided to change the way the diamonds would be set to create more of an Art Deco look. This gave the modern pendant design a vintage feel. We all thought this was better than my original computer rendering. Please feel free to vote on this in the comment area below. You can tell us anything else you want too.

While I was in the middle of taking the photos of the finished pendant, my customer came in. When I showed her the pendant, she jumped at the chance to try it on and her happiness became infectious. We were so excited that I never had a chance to finish the photo shoot. My picture has watermarks on the metal surface that I never saw in the screen of my digital camera. Oh well, here are the pictures anyway. Hope you like it.

Diamond Pendant Redesign Side View
The finished diamond pendant redesign
Diamond Pendant Redesign
The finished diamond pendant redesign

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