Wedding Band Using Old Gold

Turning Old Love Into New Life

Reusing Gold to Make a New Ring.

We are always working hard to create a win/win for customers with our jewellery design business. Recycling old gold into a new piece of jewellery is the way we did it this time. It saves money and incorporates the original sentimental value into a new item.

Our customer wanted to reuse gold from her Dad and Mom, as well as her first engagement ring. Reusing old gold works when you have the items in yellow gold and you want a new piece of jewellery in yellow gold. We have issues reusing white gold, so we usually give a gold credit towards the new piece and use new gold.

This ring you see was made with recycled gold and diamonds, and the customer loved it. In fact, she published her feelings on Instagram.

How About You?

Do you have old gold stashed away, collecting dust? Come and see us and tell us what you would like to do with it. We are experts in jewellery redesign. We have been doing it for decades! Contact us for a free consultation

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